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Switch to Sperry

Switch to Sperry

Make the switch. It's hassle-free!

First, become a Member!

Apply for Membership in-person or fill out our Membership Application from the convenience of your home.  If you choose to apply at home please mail, e-mail or fax your completed application to Sperry FCU and include a copy of your Government-issued photo identification.  You will also need a $5 initial deposit for your Share Savings Account - this is your share of the Credit Union.  You may mail us a check payable to yourself or make a deposit in-person.

  • By mail: 2400 Jericho Turnpike, Garden City Park, NY 11040
  • By e-mail:
  • By fax: 1-866-549-7039

Now, make the switch.

  • After you have opened your account with us and receive your Member number, change over your direct deposit. Fill out the Direct Deposit Change Form and give it to your employer's payroll department.
Direct Deposit Form
  • Change any automatic payments from your old checking account to your Sperry Checking Account using the Automatic Payment Change Notification. Send this form to each company that withdraws payments from your account.
Automatic Payment Change Notification
  • Close your old account once all your outstanding checks, automatic withdrawals, and transactions have cleared. Fill out the Account Closure Notification and send it to your previous financial institution. This form will tell them where to send your remaining balance. Don't forget to destroy your old debit cards, ATM cards, and checks.
Account Closure Form

If you have any questions regarding making the switch to Sperry FCU, please contact a Member Service Representative at 1-800-676-5512. We are ready to help you enjoy the benefits of your new Sperry FCU Membership today.


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