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Loan Rates

Effective 08/08/19


* Preferred Rate requires the loan to be paid by automatic transfer (Auto-Pay) from your active Sperry Checking Account.  An active account must have direct deposit of net payroll, Social Security or at least three (3) transactions using your Sperry VISA® Debit/Check Card per month.

** Rates shown are the lowest rates offered for the products advertised.  Applicants who are not approved at these rates or terms may be offered credit at a higher rate and/or with different terms.  LTV will be based on Credit Score.

(a) Rates shown are the lowest rates offered for that respective term. LTV below 75% and credit score 740 and above. Other rates and terms are available. 30 year maximum term on 1st lien position only.  25 year maximum term on 2nd lien position.

(b) Introductory rate only for new lines of credit for qualified borrowers.

Rates are based on Prime Rate +/- agreed upon margin. Introductory HELOC Rate is fixed for the first 15 months, then HELOC rate is variable for the life of the loan including remaining draw period and repayment term.

Lines from $35,000 to $100,000 minimum initial advance is $25,000.  Must maintain minimum balance for 24 months or will be charged $75 for each month balance falls under minimum. $100,000.01 - $200,000, $35,000 advance, with $100 fee. $200,000.01 or more, $50,000 advance with $150 fee.

(c) The interest rates, annual percentage rates (APR), and discount points shown are subject to change without notice. Actual interest rates and APR’s may vary based on your final loan amount, finance charges, credit history and/or equity. Application and other fees apply. An escrow account may be required.

(d) Sperry Secured MasterCard® must be collateralized by cash on deposit at Sperry FCU.

(e) Credit Builder MasterCard: Rate card only.  Rate of 17.99% APR. Rate and terms are subject to change without notice. No balance transfer option. Credit lines range from $500-$1,000. Must be employed a minimum of six (6) months or have a source of verifiable income. If FICO score has been established, must have a FICO score of 580 or higher.  Certain restrictions may apply.

(1)  First-Time Car Buyer Loan: Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Rates range from 5.99% APR to 6.99% APR. Rates shown based on Auto-Pay, (monthly automatic payments from an active Sperry Checking Account), credit history and other criteria. Auto-Pay is required for all First-time Car Loans. Other rates and terms available.  Certain restrictions may apply.  First-Time Car Buyer Loan requires a co-signor if applicant has been employed full-time less than 12 months.

(2) Personal Loan:  *APR=Annual Percentage Rate.  Rates start at 5.95% APR.  Maximum APR 17.99%  Terms available from 12-60 months for terms of 60 months, estimated monthly payment of $18.41 per $1,000 borrowed. Minimum loan amount is $500. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.  Offers of credit and rate based on credit score & other criteria.  Applicants who are not offered the lowest rate may be offered credit at a higher rate.  Auto-Pay requires automatic monthly payments from an active Sperry Checking Account.  Add 0.25% for non-Auto Pay loans.  Membership required.   


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