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Personal Banking

Fee Schedule

The following fees may be assessed in connection with your accounts:

Service Fee Service Fee
Auto Transfer from Savings as overdraft (per item) $10 Account history copy - per account $1
Check Copy - via PC-24 for up to 3 months FREE Account Research, $30 per hr $5 Minimum
Check Copy (per copy requested) $3    
Check: Emergency refill (12 checks per year maximum) FREE Bad Address $10
Check: First Order - Classic Checking and Platinum Checking Accounts FREE - Liberty Blue Image Only Cashier's Check FREE
Check: Re-orders - Classic Checking, Freedom Checking, Reward Checking, Youth Checking and subsequent orders without Direct Deposit $11 & Up Cashier's Check to 3rd Party $3
Check: Re-orders - Classic Checking, Freedom Checking, Reward Checking and Youth Checking with Direct Deposit or Platinum Checking Accounts FREE - Liberty Blue Image Only Cashier's Check copy per check $5
Courtesy Pay - Check, ACH, signature based debit transactions, per item $40 Copies of Lien Release $5
Monthly Fee: Classic Checking, less than $500 $10/Mo    
Monthly Fee: Classic Checking, between $500-$2,500 $5/Mo MSR Account Review $7.50
Monthly Fee: Classic Checking, over $2,500 FREE    
Monthly Fee: Platinum Checking, less than an average daily balance of $5,000 $10/Mo Compliance with Legal Process $75
Monthly Fee: Freedom Checking, Reward Checking and Youth Checking FREE Deposited Check - Copy per item $5
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) - Check, ACH or Bill Payment items, per item $35 Deposited Slip - Copy per item $15
NSF - Uncollected Funds $35 Inactive (Dormant) Account Fee after 12 Months $10
Returned Check Deposit - Classic Checking, Reward Checking, and Freedom Checking $35 Gift Card - VISA®, per card $3.95
Returned Check Deposit - Platinum Checking and Youth Checking FREE Immigration Letter - per letter $10
Stop Payment - Single item or range - Check, ACH or Bill Payment Items $20 IRA Custodial Service FREE
Copies of checks written in the last 24 months $7.50/Copy Loan Payment by Phone $20
Copies of checks written prior to the last 24 months $5/Copy Money Order - Platinum Checking and Youth Checking FREE
    Money Order - Classic Checking, Reward Checking, and  Freedom Checking $3
OTHER ACCOUNTS   Money Order - copy per item $5
Below minimum balance - per month for Money Market Account (MMA) and Premium Savings Accounts $10 Notary Public Service FREE
Deposit Item Return - per item $35 Overnight Mail Cost of Carrier
Money Market Account (MMA) excessive withdrawals - per transaction after 6 per month $25 Payoff Letter - Real Estate (third party) $100
Non-sufficient funds, per item: MMA check, ACH, Debit Card transactions $35 Payoff Letter - Other (third party) $25
Stop Payment - Single item or range - MMA Check or ACH $20 Returned Mail, per month $10
MOBILE BANKING, TEL-24, PC-24 & ATMS   Phone Transactions/Transfers $10
ATM Withdrawals at NYCE®/PLUS - Freedom Checking, Reward Checking, Youth Checking and Platinum Checking FREE Copies of statements within the last 24 months $7.50
ATM Withdrawals at NYCE®/PLUS, per transaction* - Classic Checking 8 FREE/month; then $1 ea. Copies of statements prior to the last 24 months $5
ATM Withdrawals at NYCE®/PLUS (per transaction)* - No Checking 3 FREE/month; then $1 ea. Statement - copy per statement via PC-24 FREE
Debit Card Replacement $10 Wire Transfer - Incoming $5
PC-24 access & transactions FREE Wire Transfer - Outgoing Domestic (per wire) $20
Tel-24 access & transactions FREE Wire Transfer - Outgoing International (per wire) $30
Mobile Banking access & transactions FREE Subordination Processing Fee $250
Online Banking and Bill Payment FREE Foreign Collection Item $20
Expedited Fee for Sperry Debit VISA and MasterCard Credit Cards $35    
Cash Advance 3.0% ($15 minimum, $250 maximum)    
International Transaction Fee 1% of the transaction amount on all foreign transactions    

* Please note that ATMs located at CU Service Centers (shared branches), CO-OP Network,  King Kullen® supermarkets and other Long Island Credit Unions will be applied towards your FREE ATM transaction limit. To withdraw cash from your checking account without incurring an ATM charge, when you make a purchase use your VISA® Check Card and request cash back.

We may report information about your loan/share accounts to credit bureaus as allowed by law. Late payments, missed payments or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report.

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